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News Bulletins


Falun Gong in the News: Olympic Prisoners, Organ Transplants, U.S. Statement

* Wall Street Journal: China’s Olympic Prisoners (August 9, 2016) * The Epoch Times: US Officials to China: Let Long-Suffering Falun Gong Practitioner Meet Family in America (Aug. 11, 2016) * The Australian: China’s organ harvest furore (Aug. 24, 2016) * The Epoch Times: Ending Organ Tourism to China (Aug. 29, 2016) * The Independent (Singapore): Falun Gong’s Resilience for Survival (Aug. 30, 2016) * The Diplomat: China’s Latest Crackdown Is Not Its Worst (Sept. 8, 2016)


Falun Gong News Bulletin: November 9, 2011

* New In-Focus Feature: Debunking CCP Propaganda * Failure to Help Dying Toddler Tragic, Not So Surprising * Five new Falun Gong deaths recorded in October * Buddhist Temple in Sichuan Used for Brainwashing Falun Gong Practitioners * Eyewitness testimonies from Masanjia Forced Labor Camp * With New Satellite, Uncensored Reporting Available to Millions More Chinese * Wikileaks cable cites Falun Gong’s voice in China despite repression


Falun Gong News Bulletin: October 14, 2011

Top Headlines: * Four new Falun Gong deaths recorded in September, one within ten days of detention * 28 practitioners sent for forced conversion at Chongqing summer resort * Urgent Appeal: Only surviving member of team that aired uncensored programs in Changchun on verge of death * 1,500 sign petition for Falun Gong practitioner’s release from Tianjin prison * Falun Gong restores health to young lymphoma cancer patient * Thugs in Thailand assault elderly Falun Gong protestor, break arm


Falun Gong News Bulletin: June 10, 2011

* Dozens of Falun Gong Practitioners Killed in First Four Months of 2011 * Falun Dafa Day Inside China * Underground Print Shops Deliver Truth * Over 20 Practitioners Detained, Sent for Brainwashing in Chengdu * Sichuan Practitioners Imprisoned for Sending Text Messages * Renewal of New Tang Dynasty Broadcasts to China, Taiwan in Jeopardy * Lawyer who Defended Falun Gong Tried in Guangzhou * Abducted Lawyer Now Free, Suffering from Partial Amnesia * Falun Dafa Day Outside China * Officials Send Greetings for Falun Dafa Day/Month * Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Punishes Anti-Falun Gong Discrimination * Indonesian Police Attack Reporters, Break up Falun Gong Parade


May 3, 2011: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* Alert: Chinese agents send new round of fraudulent emails to Western governments, NGOs * Northeast China prison under lockdown, detainees' families beaten after deaths exposed online * Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) documents new three-year campaign to 'transform' Falun Gong practitioners * Restaurant owner in Liaoning dies from labor camp torture * Husband of persecuted Beijing practitioner unable to seek justice * FDIC: Human rights dialogue should cover Falun Gong, State Department acknowledges widespread detentions * Vietnam to try local Falun Gong practitioners over China broadcast *11 Million People Accessing Uncensored Internet via Ultrasurf * UN Calls for release of human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, as he receives Index on Censorship award


February 14: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Human Rights Lawyer who Defended Falun Gong Beaten in Chinese Prison * FDIC: Guizhou Pharmacist Dies in Prison after Being Disabled by Torture * FDIC: On Ten Year Anniversary, Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Continues to Be Deadly Frame-up * FDIC: Ten Things to Know about China as Hu Jintao Arrives in the United States * The Epoch Times: At Chinese New Year, a Torrent of Greetings Praising Falun Gong * FDIC: Who is Running the Show in NYC's Chinatown? * CNN: Congressman Rohrbacher cites Falun Gong as among most egregious rights abuses in China * The Epoch Times: Falun Gong parade float attacked in Mexico City * Associated Press: German prosecutors indict alleged Chinese spy for observing Falun Gong movement * The Epoch Times: South Korea Deports Falun Gong Refugees for Political Reasons

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