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Need background information? Want a quote? Have a fact to check? Or looking for a panelist? Here’s how to reach us and ensure that your request is answered in a timely manner.

General contact information...

General inquiries and letters to the Information Center:
Corrections and feedback about articles:
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Falun Dafa Information Center 
P.O. BOX 577
NEW CITY, NEW YORK 10956-9998

Individual contact information...

Levi Browde, Executive Director +1 845-418-4870
Erping Zhang, Spokesperson/Director of Government and Advocacy +1 646-533-6147
Gail Rachlin, Spokesperson, Director of Media and Communications,  +1 917-757-9780 
Joel Chipkar, Deputy Director of Media and Communications +1 416-731-6000

For inquiries from media, please contact Erping Zhang.